Vince’s made it’s debut in July of 1964 by a man who LOVED to eat great food of huge proportions, and figured the rest of the world would too. His name was, as you may have of guessed, Vince Frugoli.   He and his wife, Pauline, the one who deserves all the credit, for it was all her cooking and recipes, opened the small, dark, heavily bricked building and started feeding all of West Sacramento. which has quadrupled in size since that hot summer day.  as they tried to expand their profitable business by opening another Vince’s on Folsom Blvd, and later a third in Elk Grove, the West Sacramento Restaurant was kept in the family and ran by Pauline’s brother Michael Talani.  Michael and his family ran Vince’s throughout the mid 1970’s all the way to December 2008  until he himself was in his seventies.  And in 2009 A new and yet another Italian family has taken ownership.  Meet the Rossi’s.  A father (Peter) and son (Robert) duo that along with some exquisite cooking skills, also posses some amazing vocal talent. (that’s peter you hear singing now!!!…Pretty good huh?) Us dego’s love music, food, and wine, why not put it all in one place? So they did.